The Spinshots


The Spinshots takes their listeners on a rollercoaster ride through time and space. It resembles the soundtrack of that golden era of your life you seemed to have missed. On stage the Spinshots unpack as a musical desert storm, their rhythm, melodies, stage performance provoke a heatwave that can only be answered to by dancing your butt off. They seem to have a direct link with a parallel universe, where naivité actually can be linked to smithering skillful and pretty tunes. They seem to have come through a crack in reality, bringing from an obscure world the beats you always missed, the tunes you have been craving, and a backbeat you thought could never be that back.

The Spinshots take their influences from all around the world, and from all times of present history. Although their music is authentic and exclusively written for them, it is clear where their interests lie:30s Big band sounds, 40’s and 50’s jazz and dancing music, and most of all, everything from the 60s. Expect a warped mix of Spy Fi, Surf, Soul, Beat, Bollywood, Klezmer, Ethiopiques, Garage, Freakbeatand Funk in a style that seems a soundtrack for a film you desperately want to see. But the Spinshots never loose focus on danceablillity. The Spinshots easily take up the amaze of the 60s, bend it, shape it, and spit it out over the audience. They sound like an army of dreamed up dessert bandits who turn out to be viruosi at their booty- made alien instruments. Their axiradius on stage is so huge that everybody in the room becomes part of the event. You’ll dance till your eyes drop out.

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