The Missing Sync is a leading Music Agency located in Amsterdam. The company was founded in 2004 as a networking company that helps brands and advertising agencies by finding, producing and/or licensing the right music for their campaigns. Throughout the years, The Missing Sync has seen a wealth of growth. Nowadays, we are still doing what we do best, but have also broadened our horizon to start offering a range of publishing services for both upcoming and established artists and composers.

Our expertise

- Music supervision (musical direction & advice)
- Music composition & production 
- Synchronization (research and copyright clearance)
- Publishing 

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The Missing Sync specializes in music productions for all forms of audio-visual communication. We work with a dedicated group of professional freelance composers and musicians, each with his or her own unique skill and style. This makes us highly flexible and enables us to hire the most suitable composer for any campaign. Moreover, by working in this fashion, we believe we can be one step ahead of what is considered new, trendy and in line with what the consumer wants to hear.

Besides making music we love working with existing music and (upcoming) artists. If we can’t find a matching song in our own catalogue, the worldwide repertoire must be holding something special somewhere. We are an independent company with an established worldwide network of publishers, labels, artists and composers. Within the Benelux we act as the Sync Agent for e.g. Beggars Music, Warp and  American artist Greg Holden.

Check out our ‘WORK’ to see what we have produced for our clients.

NEED Publishing?

Being an artist in this vibrant industry isn't always easy. This is why our focus is with the artist. We have a range of services on offer but we always start off by looking at what an artist or band really needs, what it is we can truly help you with. Our services range from setting up writing sessions, obtaining a distribution deal and pitching songs for syncs, to finding the most suitable radio promoter for a song. Besides this, being a pro-active publisher, we fulfill all the traditional publishing tasks, such as administrating and exploiting copyrights on behalf of the composer.

With our ever-expanding global network and close partnership with independent music publisher Pennies From Heaven, we are always in need of new repertoire.

Please go to ‘ARTISTS’ to see the composers and artists we represent.