Sync placement: Libresse

We found & cleared the song ‘Feel Electrical’ by Kathryn Ostenberg for the Libresse commercial. Directed by Anne de Clercq for BSUR.

Hero Fruit op een stokje commercial

We did the music & soundlogo for the Hero ‘Fruit op een Stokje’ commercial. Watch the ad on our WORK page.

A Polaroid View single always still climbing German Charts

After five weeks their single Always climbs to number 23 in the German Indie Top 40!

Kris berry performs at That’s Live XL

Kris Berry will perform during the That’s Live XL concert: Ladies of the Lowlands, in Arnhem at Tuesday 28th of may. It will be the second time that BNN/Radio 3 program That’s Live goes on tour.

New Soundlogo: Hero

We recently worked on the music and sound logo for the Hero ‘Kokoswater’ commercial. We really like the results. Watch the ad on our WORK page.

New single: Loren Nine with Strong Girl

Our new signing Loren Nine wrote this powerful song when she was just 12 years old! She is working on her debut-album which will be released after the summer.

New commercial: Delta with acoustic version of ‘Beter’ by Blof

Michael Bombeeck (Dr. Film Brussels) shot this commercial for Delta. Brandhome is the agency. Blof recorded a beautiful acoestic version of their hit ‘Beter’ especially for this commercial.

New Sync Placement: Wieckse Witte

This wonderful film is shot by Bram van Alphen ( Caviar Amsterdam). The Agency is Ara Advertising. We found the song ‘Tasting Sunshine’ (The Rival). Watch the commercial on our Work page!