The Upsessions


BOOM! The Upsessions! Sharp-dressed, infectious and including an unbelievable organ sound and incredible stage performance. The Upsessions have toured all over Europe and even in Brazil since the release of their debut album “The New Heavyweight Champion” in 2006. Playing their own distinctive mix of early reggae, ska, funk, calypso and soul.

It was in a sleazy motel room somewhere in Germany where The Upsessions teamed up with Lee Perry. As soon as they let Scratch listen to the finished tunes of the soon-to-be album, something magical happened. Instant vibes! Perry’s distinctive voice is woven like a mantra throughout the album adding a rough flavour to the songs. 14 Brand new tunes. From the summery calypso vibes of “Punani Strike” and “The Big Bamboo Treat” via dancefloor-bangers “Shake It” and “Hold Your Whining”, to skinhead-crashers “Collie Weed” and “Look Who Dem A Boss Now” back to the vibey ska instrumental “Dirty Cash” and MANY more.

Although they have already played at the more well known festivals in The Netherlands such as Lowlands, Into the Great Wide Open, de Zwarte Cross and Oerol, the Early Reggae band The Upsessions are still largely (in)famous in Germany, Eastern Europe and Spain. Besides performing at these immense festivals in the Netherlands, they have also played at all the major Ska- and Reggae festivals in Europe taking the group from France and Germany to Spain and the Czech Republic. The group specialises in Early Reggae, Rocksteady and Ska, and is largely inspired by artists such as Desmond Dekker, Toots and the Maytals, The Skatalites and The Meters. Recognized by their funky rhythm section, unbelievable organ sound and sharp dressed, infectious live performances, The Upsessions are ready to play anywhere, anytime!

The new album 'SHAKE IT!' will be released on 2 June on Excelsior Recordings

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