The Greater Good


There's a common thread that runs through the heart of every songwriter. It's the search for truth, honesty and the need to tell a story. And the craft knows no geographical bounds. So it should come as no surprise that three songwriters from different corners of the globe would come together and find each other. Enter "The Greater Good".  

Dennis Kolen, Shane Alexander, and Eugene Ruffolo may have different physical roots, but their musical ones bear a striking resemblance. All three troubadours grew up listening to the classic singer/songwriters of the 70's, and their music proudly reflects it. While Dennis came of age in Rotterdam, cutting his teeth on the "West-Coast" songwriters from the U.S., Shane Alexander was listening to the same in his American homeland, and Ruffolo was honing his craft in New York City, dissecting the notes from those very same records. Now each of these gifted artists has come of age. 

The trio has released their first project under the name The Greater Good, a brilliant collaboration recorded in Germany for Europe's premier audiophile label, Stockfisch Records.
 The album is a stunning collection of 10 original songs which showcases each of these impressive artists both separately and together. 
Their styles uniquely distinct, they somehow meld together to create a sonic offering that is sure to delight music fans everywhere. The songs tell stories of love, loss and redemption, and feature gorgeous harmonies and guitar playing.

As Dennis’ publisher, we are proud to represent the following 3 songs off The Greater Good’s self-titled album: ‘All The Lonely Times,’ ‘Ghosts From My Past’ and ‘I Lived Here For So Long.’

For sync inquiries please send an E-mail to Aron van der Ploeg