The 101's


After the success of their debut album ‘For The Years’ in 2014 The 101’s found themselves standing on a crossroad. Where to go from here? The band asked their dedicated fanbase to join in on a new adventure. And with their help via crowdfunding The 101’s left off heading to a new destination across the big ocean.

Once arrived in The States they went to the recording studio of punk rock’s hottest producers of this day Sam Pura (known for his work with The Story So Far, Basement, State Champs). After four weeks of non-stop writing and recording The 101’s opened up a can of beer at 4 in the morning. All they could do was stare at each other. Not a word was said. But they knew that they just made an even better single than the four of them could have ever imagined making before taking off. And here it is: ‘Everything’. A fresh sing which captures the dynamics of The 101’s. Singer/ guitarist Andy on the new single: “It’s really energetic, has a positive vibe to it and people can sing a long with it. That’s why this song works!”