Sunday Sun


Sunday Sun's debut album has become reality: We Let Go will be released on V2 Records on November 17th 2014. The new, carefree pop songs are just as catchy as Sunday Sun's single from 2012 (EP1) Highly Respected Rebel, as evidenced by their performances at such festivals as Concert at Sea, De Beschaving and Metropolis. With We Let Go, the band shows us another side of themselves, creating an album where the sixties converge with the present. The result: a vibrant summer album to see you through the winter.

After releasing three EPs in six months' time in 2012 (titled I, II and III), the band started carefully forging a plan for the recording of their debut album. Due to the success of these EPs, especially that of the single Highly Respected Rebel in the summer of 2012, Sunday Sun had the opportunity of making the acquaintance of a broad Dutch audience through performances at virtually all of the prominent music venues in the Netherlands. As a result of this abundance of live performances, due in part to their selection as 3FM Serious Talent, the group of friends evolved into a close-knit band with clear ambitions. Performances on De Wereld Draait Door and GIEL, the morning radio show on 3FM, followed suit. A mere six months after releasing a free download of their first EP, Sunday Sun performed at Noorderslag in Groningen.

The songs for the album were created with the same enthusiasm and at the same pace as their previous releases. Producer Rutger Hoedemaekers (aka Bart Constant, from VOICST and About, among others) took part in the band's creative process, helping to finalise their unfinished material. Rutger's approach was an inspiration for the band; by casting his creative light over the music and recording process he brought out the best in the band, the material and himself. Consequently, Sunday Sun's lighthearted and upbeat sixties-pop infused with modern-day punch emerged from within the confines of his Nouveau Triste studio in Berlin; the place where the album really began to take shape, and where the band rediscovered the art of listening. With recording nearly finished, drummer Wouter Rentema realized that he was not yet finished with Berlin, and he proceeded to move there. The band found an outstanding new drummer in Dave Menkehorst and they subsequently finished recording the album with him. The single I Call You Honey was produced by Rutger Hoedemaekers and Niels Zuiderhoek, who has previously worked with Kensington, among other bands.

The observant music enthusiast will undoubtedly have heard Sunday Sun trying out their new material on stage in 2014; they were featured at festivals such as Concert At Sea and Huntenpop, and could previously be seen opening for Laura Jansen, Douwe Bob, The Posies, De Dijk, BOY, Graham Coxon (Blur) and Racoon. In the spring of 2014 the band toured together with BADE, and with the upcoming release of their debut album they'll be soon to return to the stage!

Sunday Sun – We Let Go will be released on V2 Records on November 17th 2014.

Yoshi Breen vocals, guitar
KW Toering vocals guitar
Dave Menkehorst drums, vocals
Jan Teertstra bass guitar, vocals

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