Niels Geusebroek

In the last couple of years Niels Geusebroek has made name for himself in the Dutch music world.

The multi instrumentalist and singer songwriter from Haarlem has proven his versatility, Niels became frontman of the band Silkstone, he participated in the television show The Voice Of Holland and he collaborated with Wildstylez for the hit Year of Summer. Besides all Niels is a singer songwriter in heart and soul and on the 23rd of May, 2013 he released his long awaited solo album ‘Lines’. 

Niels wanted to write a pure singer-songwriter record. On het album Lines, Niels consciously avoided the so called  ‘Wall of sound’, the wall that is created by electric guitars, which were used by his former band Silkstone. He also stayed away from rock-like drums. As a solo artist he wanted to craft a modest sound, where the emphasis would be on his voice. Niels is more than pleased with the results: “ This is what I had imagined. Lines is robust and layered”.  The album contains songs that are richly filled with instruments and vocals and other songs are more transparent with only vocals and piano or guitar.

On this album Niels has been collaborating with a number of great artist, such as: Bertolf, Anneke van Griensbergen Ed Struijlaart, Dick Kok and JP Hoekstra. The Missing Sync represent the following songs: Helping Hand & Face Up And Fight. Besides this, Niels has co-wrote the song Run Home. which is featured on Channah's album Syrup & Rain

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