2014 is the year that Holland is being quickly introduced to PAUW. With just a few home recorded demo’s, PAUW takes part in the travelling festival “Popronde”. With 38 bookings the group becomes the most demanded band in the history of the traveling festival. They play support shows for Temples, Elephant Stone and Kasabian. While being in the spotlight, they manage to record their debut EP, which is very positively received by critics around the country. Single “Shambhala” is even being crowned “Single Of The Week” by dutch music platform 3voor12 and Pinguin Radio. 

The following year seems to become a promising one for PAUW. While playing a lot of shows, e.g. Noorderslag, Where The Wild Things Are, Paaspop, Dauwpop and London Calling, the band is building a strong reputation in their home country. Their first sold-out clubtour is a fact, and above all that their music is played live more than once on radio stations like 3FM and 3voor12 Radio. To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Hubble telescope, the song “Visions” is written and performed live on Dutch TV show De Wereld Draait Door and in July released as an official single. The single made it also to “Single Of The Week” by 3voor12 and Pinguin Radio.   

After the release of the debut album Macrocosm Microcosm, PAUW receives it’s first Award nominations. They are nominated for an Edison Award, 3FM Award, Zilveren Notekraker and their song Shambhala is nominated for Song of the Year. 

But now the recognition for their music also started to grow out of the Netherlands, as they started playing even more internationally than at home in the Netherlands. The first international headlining clubshows are a fact and they continue playing lots of international festivals: SXSW (USA), Paris Psych Fest (France), The Great Escape (UK)  Primavera Club (Spain) and they’re even headlining Barcelona Psych Fest (Spain). 

After this successful adventure, the writing process for the second album has begun. This means that PAUW will continue to take you on a magical and unforgettable trip that will remain with many for a long time.