"B Sides", is produced by Spanish musician Pablie. He offers a 9-track LP that is produced between the years of 2007 and 2009 - remastered in 2015. Though, it doesn't sound like anything that is over 6 years old already. "B Sides" simply brings an overflow of listening pleasure and has the ability to claim your ears from the first till the last minute. A treasure to fans of Quantic, Blockhead, Bonobo, and Télépopmusik.

Best served on a late summer night or with a good glass of wine, "B Sides" is a lounge, abstract / instrumental hip-hop, downtempo and folk orientated record. Something that can bring you in a warm and homecoming mood. Songs such as "Soul Drivers", "Everything Crystallised" and "Drops And Hopes" carry the record, while more interlude-ish tracks "When You Were Young" and "World In Decline" glue the album to a balanced masterpiece.

This entire LP is inspired on past memories and time spending in the magnificence nature of Llançà and Cadaqués, two small villages of La Costa Brava. The somewhat lonely vibe that is given with Pablie's "B Sides" could win a secret place inside memories and dreams. The intro of "They Came From Past" might actually the best example of the desiring spirit described here. The song begins with a somewhat sad melodie, but it slowly develops into a more uplifting, satisfying vibe.

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