OIJ is a trip to blinding neon-lit alleys and limitless imagination of crazed Japanese subcultures. Inspired by his imagination of the Japanese big city nightlife and its excesses, the Amsterdam based singer, songwriter and producer OIJ created his first sounds at the end of 2014.

OIJ’s sound can be described as a combination of spacious cinematic soundscapes, bottomless synthesizers and hopeful radiating choruses that create an obscure yet somehow curiously familiar and surprisingly danceable sound.

The first single ‘Blinded’, released on 19/06/2015, tells the story of hitting town for a well fueled night out, not knowing where and how to stop yourself. ‘Blinded’ questions this way of escaping the routines of day to day life.

Blinded was co-written by OIJ & CUT_’s Sebastian Dutilh and produced in collaboration with Thijs van der Klugt (Baskerville) and Marnix Dorrestein (IX). OIJ’s debut EP is expected later this year.

For more info about OIJ see www.oijmusic.com
For Sync inquiries please send an E-mail to Aron van der Ploeg
For bookings send an E-mail to Katja Keersmaekers