With their red hot rock songs which evoke memories of Led Zeppelin and Soundgarden just as much as of Wolfmother, The Black Crowes and Nirvana while at the same time featuring their own unmistakable and highly contemporary trademark, recent years have seen Navarone evolve into one of Europe’s strongest rock acts. Their two studio recordings A Darker Shade Of White (2012) and Vim & Vigor (2014) were celebrated enthusiastically by press and fans alike. In addition, the Dutch group surrounding exceptional vocalist Merijn van Haren has left its mark on the European music scene thanks to countless club gigs and important festival appearances. Their latest release Oscillation (scheduled for release on 20 January 2017) confirms not only the quintet’s outstanding reputation but has also catapulted Navarone to an even higher level in terms of their compositions and production. Oscillationis much more than only the trendsetting third studio offering by a band who has for years been turning all the relevant screws. Oscillationis a little masterpiece, a prime example of power, dynamism, depth and diversity. So the prognosis for Navarone is unanimous: these musicians have the present and future in the palm of their hands!

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