Miss Molly & Me

Miss Molly & Me are doing well, very well! Two years ago the duo made a debut with their album Rewind and Say Hello. The release was followed by 30 concerts in theaters throughout The Netherlands. They made several appearances on Dutch national television and were the support act for artists like Benjamin Francis Leftwich, MOKE and The Webb Sisters.

Miss Molly & Me consists of Marlijn Weerdenburg who also performs as an actress in her own TV show called Danni Lowinski and Helge Slikker, an outstanding composer, who received a ‘Gouden Kalf’ award for his score in the internationally acclaimed film ‘Kauwboy’.

During the first half of 2013 they have been traveling all over the globe. From New York to Rome and from Milan to Cape Town. During the second half they have been working hard towards the release of their new album ‘Travelers’, which will be released on the 11th of november on V2 Records. The songs on the album are inspired by their travels, the stories they encountered, the beauty, the rawness and the unexpected.

Miss Molly & Me stand for surprising, folky and soulful music complemented with harmonic vocals and a hint of humour. Where Helge seems to be the modest musician, Marlijn appears to be the ‘femme vocale’ that draws the audience into the universe of Miss Molly & Me. Their first and second album are both published by The Missing Sync, they are a great accession to our repertoire.

For more info about Miss Molly & Me check: www.missmollyandme.com
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