Kris Berry & Perquisite


Anyone a little familiar with the careers of composer/producer Perquisite and singer/songwriter Kris Berry, knows that these artists are convinced of the true meaning of teamwork. Although a collaboration between Kris and Perq might have seemed unlikely at first, their album ‘Lovestruck Puzzles’ demonstrates what magic happens when two artists step out of their comfort zones, and two worlds collide.

It al started two years ago when Kris was invited to sing at a tribute for Amy Winehouse, who had just passed away. She was in a hurry to hit the stage, as she only had half an hour before she was scheduled for another gig. She jumped on stage, sang a heart-wrenching version of ‘Love Is A Losing Game’ and rushed towards the exit, ready to grab her bike, but found someone blocking her way: Perquisite. He asked her if she like to come over to his studio some day to write a song together. Perquisite: “I was totally blown away by her performance. She's really in touch with her emotions when she sings.” It’s a no-brainer for Kris. “Of course!” she responded, before jumping on her bike and speeding off to her next gig.

It took a while before they finally got together to work on some music. At the time Kris was busy with what would become her successful debut album ‘Marbles’ (2012) and was playing gigs all over. Perquisite, after wrapping up his successful collaboration with rapper Pete Philly in 2009, had launched a career in the movie-industry and was now working on soundtracks galore. Eventually the two got together at the beginning of 2012.

The first get-together in Perq’s studio meant searching for common ground. Kris: “It was a symbiosis of two worlds, two cultures... and music was the binding factor. We share a love for both melancholy and banging grooves.” The collaboration meant exploring new territory for both Kris and Perq. Kris: “Compared to what I did on ‘Marbles’, I really show another side of myself on this album. The songs I made with Perq are more groove-based and therefore needed a different approach from me as a singer”. Perquisite: “Originally I started off with hip hop. Over the years I began working more and more with live instruments. For the collaboration with Kris, I worked less sample based and aimed for a more organic sound, inspired by the sound of the late sixties. We often started at the piano. Only once we felt the song was totally right, would we take it to the studio to build it out.”

Their studio sessions continued and after a few months they had finished a number of songs. The idea of making a whole album together was the next logical step. The result, ‘Lovestruck Puzzles’, became a melancholic and intensely personal album, on which Kris’ flowing top lines and expressive lyrics and Perquisite’s inventive, layered productions and harmonies mix in a natural way. The fruit of their collaboration was reflected in the press; "What a record! 'Lovestruck Puzzles' is the golden egg Perquisite and Kris Berry laid together."
- Marie-Claire.

'Lovestruck Puzzles' was released in September 2013 on Unexpected Records and received a lot of critical acclaim from different corners. The album was nominated for the 3FM Awards category ‘Best Album’, and the single 'Let Go' became megahit on 3FM, also entering the Mega Top 50. Accompanied by their eccentric live band, Kris & Perq performed on all the big radio- and tv-shows in The Netherlands, including 'De Wereld Draait Door', 'Giel Beelen', 'Zo Raymann' and 'Pauw & Witteman'. Following the success of the first tour, the duo decided to start a second one that took place in the spring of 2014. In July 'Lovestruck Puzzles' was released in Japan in collaboration with P-Vine Records. Currently Kris & Perq are touring the summer festivals.

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