Russian producer Aleksander Tochilkin finished his second full length album as Koett, titled 'Thaw'. Inspired by imaginary trips to the North, his 9-track LP is scheduled to release February 5th. 'Thaw' once more serves as reminder that the Russian music scene is alive and kicking. With fellow countrymen Pixelord, Monokle, LongArm, Lapti and DZA, Koett is one of the electronica musicians that fly the flag for the mega state. Recorded with a Polyvox (an old Sovjet replica of the Moog), Yahama DX-7, Blofeld Waldorf and the Roland TR-808, the album could work perfectly for a dark club setting or as a soundtrack for a late-night headphone session. 'Thaw' is the follow up of Koett's well received debut LP 'Golden Peak'. The new album has a similar vibe to Koett's previous effort - it balances between the more instrumental acid sound and dusty house music. Lots of live instruments, analog synths and eastern sounding samples blend the album into a diverge piece.

For more info about Koett see soundcloud.com/koett 
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