Jack van de Ven


Jack van de Ven is a keyboard/piano player, composer and producer. He has worked with and for a large number of artists & bands such as Ming’s Pretty Heroes, Alain Clark, Leona, Berget Lewis and Bertolf. But also: Ben Saunders, Dennis, Loïs Lane, Waylon, Ed Struijlaart and many others.

Currently Jack is on tour with Giovanca. In 2012 he opened his own studio with vintage gear in the Soundport building in Rotterdam. In the studio – ‘RealMusicRoom’ – he recently produced the album ‘I Was Young’ by Coby Grant.

As a songwriter he co-writes songs for artists like Steffen Morrison, Do and many others but also writes music for commercials and corporate events.

In 2014 Jack signed a publishing deal to The Missing Sync. Visit his studio website www.realmusicroom.com.

Visit www.jackjack.nl for more info. 
For Sync inquiries please send an E-mail to Aron van der Ploeg