IX is Marnix Dorrestein, a musical centipede whose talents seem unlimited. Marnix (Amsterdam, 01-03-1991) is a composer, producer, guitarist, poet, arranger, singer, drummer, thumb pianist and much more. Regularly, he deploys his arts and abilities in favor of others. In 2014, for example, he toured in the Netherlands, playing the guitar on behalf of Kris Berry & Perquisite. He also co-produced the most successful Herman van Veen-record in years. But, there’s more. Marnix, then member of a band called Über-Ich, earlier won a notable Dutch music award, known as de Grote Prijs van Nederland, and was part of bands like Metro Mortale (alongside Jelte “Jett Rebel” Tuinstra) and Sheriff Of Hong Kong (alongside A Polaroid View’s Tom Meyer). But, there’s more. 

Being a child of musically oriented parents, Marnix finds his path to the future mapped in clear footsteps. Marnix isn’t entirely devoid of rebellion and accordingly he addressed himself to playing drums at first. However, it did not take him long to realize the guitar is the sole instrument which enables him to express himself as he wishes. A step of huge importance towards a future as a professional musician is Marnix’ victory at a composition competition organized by the Dutch brass ensemble back in 2005. It is this victory that provides then 14 year-old Marnix with the chance to make his debut at the world-famous Royal Concertgebouw. His native abilities are enriched with theoretical as well as practical basis through a study at the department of pop music of Amsterdam’s conservatory.

His solo project IX bundles all of Marnix’ strengths. The music as heard on his self-titled debut EP displays an immense amount of love and knowledge of pop music from the sixties, seventies and eighties. A partly electronic instrumentation, exotic influences and the personal taste of the craftsman ensure, however, that IX sounds futuristic rather than nostalgic. IX does not focus on the charts, even though most of the songs the project generates are catchy enough to eliminate all exclusions of what may or may not happen.

The sound, which is created in the studio, has shown itself able to be transmitted to the stage outstandingly. This is partly due to help from Jasper Slijderink (keys) and Jelle Huiberts (percussion). Several try-outs and successful gigs at Dutch showcase tour Popronde have enabled the triplet to increase its experience level. The fact Marnix feels fully at ease on stage makes sure IX also protrudes above the average majestically live.

Even though he will have to learn the ropes of not multi-tasking, the coming year IX will be Marnix’ top priority. Perquisite, Herman van Veen and all of Marnix’ other collaborators will probably grieve this decision, but the other music-loving Dutchmen surely won’t.

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