Swedish duo Gidge (consisting of Ludvig Stolterman and Jonatan Nilsson) released their debut album, Autumn Bells, on the 23rd of September - the first day of Autumn - via Atomnation. Gidge gained a slew of praise for their recent singles ‘You’, ‘I Fell In Love’ and 'Norrland', with ‘I Fell In Love’ and 'Norrland' amassing over 100.000 listens in a short space of time.

Largely influenced by their Nordic surroundings, the duo deliver a very detailed and emotive album with floating melodies, serene soundscapes, forest-recorded percussions and meditative pitched vocals - always building towards demure climaxes and long breaks, mimicking their natural surroundings perfectly. The beautifully stark piano keys blend with atmospheric sounds and consistent sub-bass-tones, making ‘Autumn Bells’ a very uplifting & luminous offering. The complex network of somber and enlightening feelings that the tracks evoke on ‘Autumn Bells’ give the record a unique and organic sound. Some tracks contain over 100 channels, just to give you an impression how divided & detailed, the tracks on ‘Autumn Bells’ are.

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