Fran Seven


Fran Seven, who's real name is Mikel Porras Hoogland, is one of the frontmen of the widely supported music website The site is more technical and offers the service to create smooth running playlists with SoundCloud, YouTube & Vimeo movies. Mikel is responsible for all the designs there. In his spare time, Mikel creates music. And with success! Fran Seven got spotted by Atomnation, the label behind electronica artists such as Gidge, David Douglas, Weval and Applescal.

His debut release "Ripples In Time" found support by tastemakers such as Xlr8r and Sekoia, and more recently, one of his EP tracks got licensed on a compilation of the mighty Get Physical label (amongst names such as Daniel Avery & James Holden). Based in Amsterdam since a couple of months (since november 2014), we can expect lots of more efforts & warm sounds from the talented producer.

For more music check out Fran Seven on Soundcloud
For Sync inquiries please send an E-mail to Aron van der Ploeg