Feel good pop with a bluesy edge. Many an artist enters the music business accidentally, but for ED it is his one vocation. Two years ago he sold his house and waved his career goodbye to focus solely on his solo album.

ED (Struijlaart) got his first guitar at the age of 9, inspired by his heroes Eric Clapton and Jimi Hendrix. When ED was roughly 18 years old, he started playing in his first band. During the years that followed, he further developed himself as a songwriter and fronted the band ‘Stud Muffins’. In 2010 ED did something many people dream of doing, but never find the courage to: He gave up his day job and decided to dedicate his life to  music.

ED did not go unnoticed: our close partner, independent music publisher Pennies from Heaven, signed him as singer songwriter in 2011. We saw a great opportunity for a writing collaboration between ED and Dennis Kolen. It turned out to be quite the match. Together with Dennis and fellow musicians Bertolf and Jan Peter Hoekstra he began working on new songs. ED explains that he learned a lot from those sessions. They gave momentum to the writing process, resulting in an abundance of creative ideas. One year of intensive songwriting had resulted in a pile of songs. ED chose 12 of them for his debut album ‘Head, Heart and Hands.’ Sometime during the summer, ED was certain: “With these 12 songs I want to hit the stage.” 

For more about ED Struijlaart see www.edstruijlaart.nl
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