Dennis’ solo career got off to a tremendous start in 2005. In the television show ‘De Wereld Draait Door,’ Dutch music critic Leo Blokhuis described his debut album ‘The Jinx’ as “Fantastically Beautiful.” In a matter of months Dennis signed with independent label ‘V2 Records’ and went on to release six albums in the years that followed. Each one was very well received, both in the Netherlands and abroad.

We fully agree with Leo Blokhuis, at least with his words uttered that fateful night. This is why we signed Dennis in 2010, both as a songwriter and an artist. A decision that has proved successful; since then he has been writing songs with Loren Nine, Frank van Etten and ED Struijlaart.  

His previous album ‘Revolution Of The Romantics’ received rave reviews. Magazine ‘Lust For Life’ declared it a “Masterpiece.” ‘The Years of DK’ is Dennis’ seventh solo album and his most personal effort to date. Not that a personal note was lacking on any of his previous albums, but he has been through a lot these last two years, which can be heard reflected in his music. In the span of ten songs Dennis takes the listener on a musical journey during which he elaborates on the ups and downs in his life. Musically, the album leaves nothing to be desired. ‘The Years Of DK’ is one statement in a line of many of Dennis’ talent as a composer, singer and guitarist.

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