Caro Emerald


In May 2007, Caro Emerald received a phone call from Dutch producers Jan van Wieringen and David Schreurs. They'd written a song with Canadian songwriter Vincent Degiorgio. Their demo singer wasn’t available and instead, Caro was given the opportunity to record the demo for 'Back It Up'.

A year later, Caro performed the song on a local TV station. It caught fire right away: viewers just wouldn't stop calling, e-mailing and commenting about that lovely girl with her catchy song. A low-budget video on YouTube created a similar effect. Suddenly, viewers wanted to know where they could buy the song.

It was during that time we got a call from Martini who was in need of a catchy song from an upcoming artist. At that time Jan van Wieringen was signed with our partner Pennies from Heaven and we were aware that he was working with this artist called Caro Emerald. It was like she was made for this campaign, her 40’s style and retro sound perfectly fitting Martini. Our client felt the exact same way about Caro, but the only thing still missing was a winning song. In collaboration with the producers, we decided to compose ‘A Night Like This’ for Martini. The song made it into the commercial and became an overnight success.

Today, ‘A Night Like This’ can be heard on radio stations across the globe. Moreover, we have placed the song in various other commercials and series worldwide, such as Nestlé, Go On and Forever Red. In the years that have past, Caro has become a worldwide success and her music has reached the hearts of many. We are proud to have contributed a little something to that success.

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