Beans & Fatback


3 Years ago, Lefties Soul Connection’s Onno Smit founded Beans & Fatback, a band with a predilection for raw, rootsy music from the southern states of America. What started out as a studio project quickly grew into one of Holland’s most energetic live acts.

Recently, the band released their new album ‘With Skin Attached,’ a lyrical manifesto for an often-mocked genre: rhythm & blues, a genre that is the precursor of soul, rock ‘n roll and pop music. Many of the true icons in contemporary music, commonly found in music collections the world over (The Beatles, Amy Winehouse, The Black Keys,) have their roots firmly planted in rhythm & blues. Oddly, the various offspring of the genre are more popular with the general public than rhythm & blues itself. With their new album, Beans & Fatback seek to remedy the situation and lead the way on a crusade to re-establish rhythm & blues.

We were already familiar with Beans & Fatback from their collaboration with Kris Berry, with the song ‘Ready’ to show for it. Moreover, Kris’ guitarist Paul Willemsen is one of the leading men behind Beans & Fatback. During the preliminary stages of writing their new album, we introduced one of our writers, Buster Cottam, to Onno Smit, and this proved a very successful match. For the album, they co-wrote two songs: ‘What’s A Man To Do,’ a slow soulful song that speaks from the heart, and ‘Old Days New,’ their first single and the most poppy song on ‘With Skin Attached.’ We love the album and are very excited to get to work with these great songs.

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