Fridolijn (Amsterdam, 1984) appears in 2011 with the release of Crossing
the Rubicon, the first album by her band Finn Silver. An impressive debut,
that uses jazz, pop and hiphop influences to create an original sound.
The album is being received exceptionally well, it reaches top chart
positions in both Holland and Japan, is released in many different countries,
brings the band to stages like Billboard Live Tokyo, North Sea Jazz Festival,
as well as supporting Jazzanova. Itunes hauls the band as New Jazz Artist
of the Year.

An intense ride follows. Besides performing with Finn Silver, Fridolijn gets
involved in Singer/Songwriter supergroup Ladies of the Lowlands, she tours
internationally with British jazzband Kairos 4tet and becomes the host of
the monthly vocal session at Amsterdam’s North Sea Jazzclub.

In 2013 she decides to take a step back from the ratrace and starts writing
music again. Intuitively, sincere and unhindered by bandsound or -formation.
Drummer Richard Spaven, with whom she collaborated within Finn Silver,
introduces her to Danny Fisher and David Austin. Two songwriters with
whom she ends up writing the majority of her album, during several
songwriting trips to the idyllic British countryside.

With a British topband of Richard Spaven on drums (Jose James/ Flying Lotus),
Grant Windsor on keys (Jose James/ Gregory Porter), fellow songwriters
Danny Fisher and David Austin on acoustic guitars, and Alex Bonfanti on
(synth)bass she records her new album in the summer of 2014, at the Aviary
studio in London. With these recordings in the bag she travels to Berlin in
October 2014, where she records the vocals, and mixes the album with
Axel Reinemer, at his Jazzanova Recording Studio.

The result is Catching Currents: a striking solo debut that blurs the boundaries
between cinematic folk, electronica, jazz, and broken beats, and blends them
into touching songs.

The album will be released in Japan through P vine Records on June 3rd 2015.
European release date TBA.

For more info send an send an E-mail to Jochem Tromp